The M1310 Project

"And the gospel must first be preached to all nations."

- Mark 13:10

What is The M1310 project?

The Digital Mission Field is here to stay, there’s never been a time in the medium’s short history when a church’s website has been more important than at this very moment. Websites now serve as the front door of your church, people are church shopping from their couch and often times they know who the Pastor is, what types of services and programs a church offers before they enter in through your physical front door. 

Websites aren’t here to replace in-person worship, we’re called to worship together as a family and a digital medium doesn’t enrich the soul like it does when you find yourself in-person. Websites exist to inform, educate, give online and help people feel welcome inside the walls of your church.

What we find in practice is that most church websites are years behind in astetics, usability, functionality and the ability to be updated easily. That’s where The M1310 Project wants to help. The M1310 Project was created to get all of the LCMS sites up to date using talent from within our own congregations. We want to hear from you if you’re a church and you don’t know what you need or maybe you’re a church that knows exactly where the pain points are. We’ll work to match you with a designer who can help. 

As a church the work done by The M1310 Project is paid for through the M1310 Fund. You don’t need to worry about cost, we’re here to help you with your Online Ministry so you can reach to all nations.   

Are you a Church?

How can the M1310 Project help you with your Online Ministry?

Fill out the form on the next page and let us know what type of work you need done. Our talented designers are ready to help you with: 

  • Content Management System Setup
  • Website Redesign
  • User Experience Design
  • General Updates

Are you a Designer?

Can you help the M1310 Project?

We’re always looking for talented designer to help us spread the Word online. Talent needed: 

  • Website Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Marketing Designers
  • User Experience Designers
  • IT Professionals